Current Projects

spokes by Alex licensed CC BY-2.0

spokes by Alex licensed CC BY-2.0

Digital Pedagogy Lab

Digital Pedagogy Lab offers professional development, pedagogical training, and networked learning experiences for teachers at all levels, graduate students, administrators, librarians, rogue educators, and others. The courses reflect the critical digital pedagogy approach which Hybrid Pedagogy the journal forwards through its publications and educational outreach. Participants are always at the center of each course, and vibrant discussion, collaboration, and social learning are hallmarks of our pedagogy.

As Director, I design, develop, and manage projects that reinforce the mission of Digital Pedagogy Lab, namely to provide faculty, students, administrators, technologists, and others with hands-on learning that can affect digitally-influenced classroom practice. I am responsible for outreach to current and new faculty, as well as supervision of the development of curricula for institutes and courses.

hybrid pedagogy

Hybrid Pedagogy is a peer-reviewed digital journal of learning, teaching, and technology which has featured prominent national voices — such as Audrey Watters, Cathy N. Davidson, Howard Rheingold — as well as many international writers. As Director, I have worked to pioneer our collaborative peer-review process, and to openly share and narrate that process through professional, public, online and on-ground presentations and ongoing dialogue with our community. I also oversee the journal’s educational outreach efforts — largely in the form of Twitter hashtag chats and MOOCs — and an online professional development course as part of our hiring process for new editors.