“I am hopeful, not out of mere stubbornness, but out of an existential, concrete imperative.” ~ Paulo Freire

Current Work


As Senior Editor for Research and Education at Instructure, I support a team of researchers, writers, and data analysts in order to advance educational research. My work interfaces with Marketing, PR, and Product Development teams. I am also responsible for overseeing Keep Learning, the educational outreach blog for the company.

Hybrid Pedagogy

I am the director of Hybrid Pedagogy, a journal of learning, teaching, and technology. The journal features a unique collaborative peer review process that favors author agency over editorial authority. Educational outreach — in the form of MOOCs and Twitter chats — is a vital part of the work of the journal.

Digital Pedagogy Lab

Digital Pedagogy Lab is a foundation which provides educational and professional development for teachers, administrators, students, and others who work, teach, and learn in digital or hybrid environments. As a director, I oversee the annual institute and the development of new courses.


I have more than 15 years teaching and instructional design experience in online, on-ground, and hybrid environments. I have worked with community colleges, small liberal arts colleges, corporations with educational interests, high school teachers, contingent faculty, tenure track faculty, instructional designers, and others.


A Digital / Post-digital Teacher, Pedagogue, Writer

I am a digital teacher and pedagogue, with experience especially in networked learning, MOOCs, digital composition and publishing, collaboration, and editing. I have been working in digital teaching and learning for 15 years. My work as a pioneer in field of Critical Digital Pedagogy is founded in the philosophy of Paulo Freire, and finds contemporary analogues in the work of Howard Rheingold, Cathy N. Davidson, Dave Cormier, and Jesse Stommel. I am committed to engaging audiences in critical inspection of digital technologies.

  • Digital Pedagogy

    Teaching and learning in digitally-influenced environments.

  • Networked Educator / Speaker

    Connecting with others through social media, innovative digital solutions, conferences, & more.

  • Editor

    Collaborating, reviewing, and empowering writers in both academic work and narrative writing.

  • Management

    Leading, coordinating, and enabling diverse teams in non-profit, research, and educational settings.

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