Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae



University of Colorado at Denver, CO — 2019 - Present

As a senior instructor with Learning, Design, and Technology, I teach two courses per semester in subjects relating to digital learning, open education, critical pedagogy, digital storytelling, digital literacy, connected learning, critical instructional design, diversity and inclusion, and the intersections between critical pedagogy, social justice, and digital education. Additionally, I work with the university’s ThinqStudio—a think-tank design-studio tasked with exploring the future of teaching and learning, and advocating for creative and critical digital pedagogies—to offer faculty workshops, consultation, collaboration, and partnership for their work in and and around digital learning spaces.

I also serve the University in my capacity as Director of Digital Pedagogy Lab, bringing the international professional learning community gathering to campus each year.


DIGITAL PEDAGOGY LAB — 2013 - present

Digital Pedagogy Lab offers national and international on-ground institutes and training seminars, as well as online courses aimed at raising awareness of the practice of Critical Digital Pedagogy. As Director, I design, develop, and manage projects that reinforce the mission of Digital Pedagogy Lab, namely to provide faculty, students, administrators, technologists, and others with hands-on learning that can affect digitally-influenced classroom practice. I am responsible for outreach to current and new faculty, as well as supervision of the development of curricula for institutes and courses. For more information, see the Digital Pedagogy Lab page on this site.


University of Mary Washington, VA — 2017 - 2019

As Director of Digital Learning, I work closely with colleagues in the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies (DTLT) to support efforts to expand online, hybrid, and continuing education at University of Mary Washington. I help to plan and coordinate efforts across the unit to design and create digital learning environments, and work to bring together teams aimed at collaborating on the development of new hybrid and online programs at the institution. In this, I collaborate with the Department of Information Technology (DoIT), the University Libraries, the Digital Knowledge Center, the Director of Continuing & Professional Studies and other campus partners.

In this position, I must actively engage in scholarly conversations around ethical and effective online pedagogies, online program administration, and/or technological innovation, and work with faculty and other UMW colleagues to seek internal and external funding for specific projects and initiatives focused on the integration of technology in teaching, learning, and research.


University of Warwick: Coventry, UK - 2017

Organized along similar lines to a professional body, WIHEA aims to develop and embed outstanding learning and teaching at Warwick, in line with the distinctive nature of the university and the excellent reputation it has for academic achievement, both in research and teaching. As an international fellow, I facilitated a series of events for faculty and staff to explore various subjects in digital teaching and learning. Workshops included:

  • Student Agency in Digital Spaces: A workshop for undergraduates and postgraduate students on students as active partners in hybrid spaces.
  • Critical Instructional Design: A workshop for staff focused on an approach to course and learning design that investigates the place of social justice, student agency, and equity in digital spaces.
  • Digital Pedagogy Lab Warwick: A one-day intensive focused on Critical Digital Pedagogy. Faculty and other educators practiced hands-on solutions for the common challenges teachers and learners face when working digitally.


Middlebury College: Middlebury, VT — 2016 - 2017

Middlebury College is a prestigious small liberal arts college currently expanding its digital learning efforts. As an instructional designer, I worked closely with faculty and staff to plan, design, and create inspiring and effective digital learning environments. I provided support for projects, help to explore new areas of digital learning, and provided insights to strategic decision-making processes related to digital learning. I primarily supported the Language Schools, Schools Abroad, and the Bread Loaf School of English and Conferences, while working closely with support teams for the undergraduate College and for the Middlebury Institute for International Studies in Monterey. Because of this broad scope, I worked collaboratively with other teams and provided advisement and support where needed.


Instructure: Salt Lake City, UT — 2015 - 2016

The Research and Education department at Instructure provides research insights to the company and the public to enhance the development and use of Canvas, the company’s open-source learning management system. As Senior Editor, I provided conceptual and editorial support to a small team of writers and data researchers. I worked with the VPs of Research and Education and Marketing to engage in research into existing and emerging technologies — with an eye toward collaborative Web technologies and open educational content — and to stay abreast of current trends in K-12 and higher education. I also contributed a tactical and strategic perspective to the company’s vision of the effective use of technologies in teaching and learning.


HYBRID PEDAGOGY — 2012 - 2014

Hybrid Pedagogy is a peer-reviewed digital journal of learning, teaching, and technology which has featured prominent national voices — such as Audrey Watters, Cathy N. Davidson, Howard Rheingold — as well as many international writers. As Director, I led a team of 12 editors and managers, and was responsible for sustaining the quality and the brand of the journal. I worked to pioneer our collaborative peer-review process, and to openly share and narrate that process through professional, public, online and on-ground presentations and ongoing dialogue with our community. I also oversaw the journal’s educational outreach efforts — largely in the form of Twitter hashtag chats and MOOCs — and recently developed an online professional development course as part of our hiring process for new editors.


SEIU: Washington DC — 2014

Adjunct Action is a membership-based non-union effort by the Service Employees International Union to create a professional network for underrepresented adjunct and contingent teachers. As Digital Community Organizer, I developed awareness of the initiative through social media marketing, the design of a new website, live, open events with notable voices such as Sarah Kendzior, Maria Maisto, and Lee Skallerup-Bessette, and through the design and implementation of webinars aimed at supporting adjunct organizing efforts.


Community Colleges of Colorado Online: Denver, CO — 2006 - 2008

CCCOnline develops, administers, and teaches courses for use by the 13-campus system of community colleges in Colorado. As Program Chair, I supported the instructional technology needs of faculty in the English program, including instructional design training and support, consultation and collaboration on the development of new courses, and professional development. I engineered CCCOnline’s first use of open educational resources in Developmental English courses, and encouraged instructional innovation in online learning toward greater student agency and engagement.


Alva Learning Systems: Denver, CO — 2001 - 2003

Alva Learning Systems was an instructional design firm that provided corporate training courses to companies, primarily in the financial market. As an instructional designer, I designed and developed web-based and performance-based training, conducted front-end analysis and developed design documents to specify course objectives and content deliverables, and wrote learning objectives that tracked required competencies.



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Photo by Nigel Haarstad, all rights reserved. Used with permission.